Expanding Remote Work Capabilities

Designed in 2017 to allow a fictional company’s system and network to allow remote worker connectivity, this project plan provides an overview of the corporate network and proposes specific changes that are required to allow for employees to work remotely. As the number of employees working remotely increases at many companies, additional security concerns arise when deciding how to give these employees access to sensitive assets while also ensuring that these assets are stored and transferred securely around the world.

To solve this growing challenge facing nearly every organization, I provided a specific solution and detailed project plan for expanding the remote worker capability of a small business storing sensitive information that must be protected. My solutions included designing, installing, and managing a new core firewall and VPN server that lived outside of the internal network to both protect against incoming and outgoing security threats to the network. This allows a variety of companies to meet business decisions that can require hiring more workers in areas with a higher concentration of people with skills needed for the business, and allows employees that must travel for work to continue performing their crucial duties while outside of the office.

This project relied heavily on demonstrating mastery of both system design and maintenance as well as core information technologies to solve a specific and applicable problem faced by many organizations. Necessary hardware and software-based solutions are identified and included in a specific implementation plan that puts them to use, tracks their functionality over the lifetime of the project, and solves the needs of the organization. My detailed implementation and testing procedures show my skills in fostering success not only for a single project, but also as a foundation that can be used for future projects within an organization.


In order to create a secure platform for supporting remote work, I had to demonstrate a deep understanding of network security, server management, and industry best-practices. These are skills that are valuable at any organization since they can be applied not only to this specific scenario, but also to generally providing a higher security posture for both the hardware and software systems employed by all organizations these days. The skills I learned and demonstrated during this project are highly valued and easily applied in a variety of security scenarios that appear in all organizations.