Fleet-wide OS Upgrades PM Plan

Created in 2017, this project management plan for company-wide Operating System upgrades is an evaluation of a fictional company’s computer setup and was designed to guide implementation of Operating System upgrades across the fleet of desktop computers it operates. During this process I provided a SWOT analysis, project scope, detailed Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), a detailed cost and budget analysis, risk management plan, communications plan, procurement process, and change management plan that resulted in a comprehensive project management plan that could be utilized by any implementation specialist or project manager.

This project demonstrates my extreme attention to detail, understanding of technology and its points of failure, and how to identify and overcome assumed challenges that may be faced along the way. Additionally, I designed a process to find, document, track, and correct other issues identified as the project is undergoing implementation so that unexpected risks and issues could be promptly dealt with, without compromising the project as a whole. Although this project targets operating system upgrades, its technical nature and developed standards of process allow it to be modified for use in a variety of situations, ranging from other software upgrades, hardware upgrades, to software development.

Furthering this, the plan directly recommends a technological solution to meet the upgrade needs of the organization while also addressing the strategy of ongoing maintenance of issues that may arise during the upgrades. The risk management plan functions as both a way of identifying problems and solving them prior to implementation and also as a way to gather feedback from users over the life of the upgrades so that new issues can be identified, tracked, and resolved properly.


As one of my toughest and most detailed projects, I feel that this is an excellent demonstration of both new and existing skills and knowledge, but also my ability to quickly learn and excel in topics outside of my previous experience and comfort zone. I do not have any formal training as a project manager, but both this final project and the skills I learned throughout the process demonstrate my ability to fill a variety of technical roles needed at any organization.