Impact of a Data Breach Artifact

Reviewing a simulated data breach and analyzing its causes and impact was deeply influential and an informative experience for the study of cyber security. As part of a fictional data breach occurring at an aircraft manufacturing company in 2017, I reviewed the internal factors that led to the external data breach and provided analysis of which state and federal regulations which, if followed, would have prevented this particular breach from occurring at the company. Throughout this analysis I also proposed mitigation efforts that could be implemented relatively quickly and easily to not only prevent this type of breach from happening again but to also start work on creating a solid security posture that would also increase the security of systems and the network overall.

As an information technology professional that is passionate about both security and privacy, these analyses and recommendations demonstrate my ability to both provide beneficial work that relates to my interests and experience, and to further work to build a reputation as a structure security professional. The many technological, regulatory, and industry best-practices challenges that this organization faced required a solid understanding of state and federal regulations, and familiarity with internal systems and networks to create an appropriate mitigation and security plan to prevent breaches in the future. I believe that the report also demonstrates my ability to take often technical and complicated concepts that are not easy to understand and present them in a way that any reader can grasp.

Although no actual systems are proposed within this artifact, it serves instead to lay out the foundation of both systems design and maintenance solutions that can serve to mitigate threats posed by these types of data breach attacks. My analysis identified issues present at the fictional company affected by the data breach and briefly identified ways these threats could have been prevented while recommending appropriate tools and technologies used in these defense situations. Additionally, I was able to show leadership skills by taking some level of provided information and analyzing its impact on an organization while also understanding how this organization could have prevented the attacks.


The skills I learned and utilized in this project will help to solve similar but also varied security issues at every organization. By being able to identify regulations and show shortcomings while providing solutions, I am able to apply my passion for fixing tough problems while meeting regulatory requirements in the industry. Every organization requires effective and compliant security, which is an area I am both skilled and interested in.