A recent copy of my résumé is available for download below. I also hope that you view some of my work samples, which showcase some of the skills and experience that I can bring to you and your organization.


As a recent graduate of an intensive cyber security-focused Information Technologies bachelor’s program, I have gained many skills that enable me to efficiently and successfully mitigate threats to networks and information systems at both small and large organizations. Additionally, my prior experience with supporting, managing, and securing mission-critical and customer-facing networked servers allows me to immediately apply my knowledge of cyber security in ways to secure existing information systems, detect and prevent attacks, and to create security policies to educate users and increase an organization’s security posture.


During my time at Southern New Hampshire University studying cyber security and obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Information Technologies, I was able to apply real-world security philosophy to a hyper-realistic simulated business environment.

Throughout my studies I took on the role of a security professional tasked with building network and information systems security policies from the ground up, evaluating and bringing into compliance existing security policies, and utilized penetration testing tools to probe systems for weaknesses prior to applying patches necessary to secure these networks and systems.

Instead of merely attending classes, I was able to gain applicable experience using industry standards and tools through the use of roleplaying techniques, teamwork, and completing situational projects that were of business quality and could be immediately implemented in a variety of business situations.


As a summa cum laude graduate of the Information Technologies bachelor’s program and an experienced IT professional responsible for ensuring the performance and security of over 200 networked web servers, I possess a unique set of both educational and real-world experience that is hard to find in the cyber security field.

Through structured learning, I was able to augment my existing skills learned from over 10 years of IT experience with proven foundations and an understanding of best practices, industry standards, and regulatory compliance. Once learned, I immediately applied these concepts through the completion of expansive projects ranging from IT security policy research and documentation, network and system hardening, and ensuring regulatory compliance for tough challenges like HIPAA.

Coupled with my deep-level passion for technology, solving tough problems, and quick learning, I am confident that my unique set of qualifications enable me to work effectively in a variety of environments while tackling a range of challenges.