Security Awareness Communication

Created in 2017, this paper serves to demonstrate the value of security awareness at all organizations and provides comprehensive solutions both for communicating important security information to employees, and for encouraging involvement in a secure workplace. Beyond simply informing employees of security policies and procedures, I instead suggest methods for engagement like training challenges and short games that can both impart security awareness knowledge to employees and provide them with a fun environment for learning and retaining this information.

This document demonstrates my ability to both function as a leader and to communicate the benefits of a security awareness program successfully to both company stakeholders and employees. In this project I identified why security awareness is important, how it can be communicated and taught to employees, and described how to get these employees engaged in topics they might not be initially interested in. Coupled with my Training Manual Artifact, this communications document further shows my unique ability to communicate complicated technical information in ways that are easy to absorb at all skill levels, and goes further with methods for encouraging engagement in required information while ensuring knowledge retention. This works to lead employees at an organization to success in learning by breaking down the walls of disinterest and getting employees to participate in what could otherwise be dry or non-engaging material.

Although this project did not involve the direct creation or implementation of specific technology systems or technologies, it does address a very important aspect of any systems or technologies utilized at any organization. This framework contained in the communication is an example of taking the lead by identifying an overarching problem that can be applied to any technology at any organization and the steps that can be used to ensure network and systems security. These baseline solutions can be used to promote success with future projects or implementations, and in the daily use of provided hardware and software systems in which every employee is assigned within an organization.


Despite the appearance of these communication methods applying strictly to technology, my knowledge and ideas presented in this artifact show a greater understanding of training and development that can be applied in a variety of learning scenarios across an organization. My unique combination of technical knowledge, excellent communication, and desire to deliver effective learning content can be utilized in many areas throughout many organizations.