Technology Review Artifact

Created in 2016 for an Information Technology course, this review of the technological climate of Swagger Distribution provided an assessment of the technology challenges facing the fictional organization. In addition to this identification, specific suggestions for mitigation were proposed alongside recommendations for changes to the inventory Point-of-Sale (PoS) system utilized in their retail stores.
Providing a framework for updating existing systems within Swagger Distribution demonstrates a mastery of utilizing standard methods for identifying technology problems and recommending appropriate solutions with tools available (or needed) that align with the goals and budget of the company. The stakeholders in this scenario required solutions within the PoS that would allow reporting functionality to be restored in a way that properly separated unit sales by which SKUs were sold from which stores, which was not previously functioning.

The identified issues with the PoS system utilized in Swagger Distribution’s fictional retail stores required a response. In order to mitigate the reporting problems caused by this issue, it was necessary to both design a solution to the problem and provide a fix that could be verified through the successful generation of the required reports. In this project I detailed the fix, described how to perform it, and demonstrated that the reports are generated as expected after the fix is applied. This both served to provide the design for the fix and an ongoing maintenance solution that can give the users the knowledge to identify and fix similar issues in the system should they arise at a later date. Additionally, this also fulfilled the need to support the company’s decision-making strategies by providing the required sales information on-demand as required.

Finally, my ability to synthesize the issue that I identified and the solution provided demonstrates my ability to both correct problems as necessary but also to explain them in a way that users can understand and apply to any future problems that may arise.


The solutions provided during this project required an intimate knowledge of not only an existing database at an organization, but also a solid foundation of skills relating to how Microsoft Access databases function in general. Through solving this tough challenge I was able to sharpen my skills by identifying and correcting an issue with an existing database to improve functionality and correct errors that were previously made that prevented it from functioning as desired. I believe that the skills learned while completing this project and demonstrated through the successful correction of errors will not only prove to be an asset to any organization relying on databases, but additionally provides an excellent technical foundation that can be applied to challenges faced by many businesses.