Training Manual

In this training manual, created for Gmail as it appeared in late 2017, I was able to design a technical training program for employees of an organization with all levels of experience. Two sets of training manuals were created, with one targeting beginning Gmail users while a second targeted more advanced users. This decision was made to encourage engagement across the organization, ensuring that beginning users received a solid framework of knowledge and advanced users could be certified in the use of the company email platform, but also provided them a way to learn new skills that could be applied to make their jobs easier.

This manual easily demonstrates my ability to communicate effectively to learners of all technology experience levels, ensuring that beginners receive the information they need to use a tool effectively and that advanced learners also have these same skills, but are engaged to participate through the learning of new skills they were likely unaware of. I was able to demonstrate my excellent writing style and expertise, while also appropriately using graphics and diagrams where necessary to further enhance the learning experience. Additionally, I could demonstrate the continued use of training manuals after training has completed by formatting them in such a way to allow quick access for reference at a later time.

By utilizing the technology and writing skills that I have gained and perfected over the years, I was able to provide beneficial information for users of all levels. This information also serves to function in reference capacities in the future, allowing the document to have value beyond its initial use case. This serves to both support the technology needs of the organization while also promoting success within the organization through a beneficial document that can be used throughout the life of the technological solution being implemented.


I believe that the skills demonstrated in this training manual offer a look into my own experience levels and ability to communicate with a variety of people across departments and skill levels within an organization. I can quickly identify the needs, develop a strategy to deliver the required learning, and provide supplemental material to users that may already feel skilled in a topic so that this can not only be verified but provide opportunity for extra learning for advanced users. These communication skills transcend information technology, but show how I can effectively communicate across departments in any situation.