I am an experienced information technology professional with over 10 years of experience managing and securing web, email, and database servers. I am also an accomplished technical support professional and have worked at two global web hosting brands over my career, powering hundreds of thousands of public websites.

I am now looking to re-enter the workforce after taking time off to obtain my Bachelor’s Degree, raise my son, and obtain my CompTIA A+ certification.

About Michael

After a foundational and character-building experience of working at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, I chose to pursue my passion for technology by joining a technology start-up in Orange County, California named DreamHost web hosting.

At DreamHost, I was able to apply self-taught skills in creating, configuring, and maintaining web hosting servers and their related services in a real-world environment that encouraged learning and exploration. In my 7 year career at DreamHost I progressed from a technical support position to a rotating on-call administrator position, and finally to the Human Resources department where I was able to use my technical skills to implement secure information technology (IT) policies and systems throughout the company.

Real Results

As a technical support team member at DreamHost, I was consistently ranked as the highest-rated technical support representative across the company. Not only was I efficiently resolving more technical issues than my peers, but my high satisfaction ratings from customers demonstrated my ability to not only quickly solve tough issues but to also resolve them properly the first time.

As the only non-executive member of the Human Resources team at DreamHost, I worked closely with the Vice President of Human Resources to achieve our departmental goals. In the first two years of my tenure I revolutionized the recruiting process by implementing an online recruitment tool that better allowed applicants and hiring managers to find relevant jobs and candidates. Additionally, I reduced the legal risk to the company regarding applicant data retention, fair labor, and diversity policies by standardizing the recruitment and hiring process. Finally, I spearheaded the implementation of a full-fledged timekeeping system with automated timekeeping, payroll, and time-off functionality to replace an outdated and insecure in-house tool previously handling this task.

Outside of Work

In my free time I enjoy reading, walking in the city, spending time with my family, traveling, increasing my knowledge of technology through the rabid consumption of news, and managing a small network in my home. I am also a semi-frequent writer, sharing my thoughts and perspectives on technology throughout various online mediums.


I reside in beautiful Washington, D.C. with my wife, two-year-old son, and twelve-year-old dog.